Neither inevitable nor a consequence of good fortune, the transition from authoritarian forms of government and centrally planned economic systems toward democracy and a market economy must be politically led and managed. A product of the collaborative efforts of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Center for Applied Policy Research (C∙A∙P) at Munich University, the project “Shaping Change – Strategies of Development and Transformation” aims to help improve political management processes and optimize outside support by identifying and facilitating the transfer of best practices among a broad spectrum of countries in transition... »


Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI)


Country Strategies

Based on the BTI’s methodology and results, key aspects and political priorities will be defined and strategic recommendations formulated for selected countries. In close dialog with political actors from the respective countries, a consistent transformation policy according to the given circumstances will be developed... »

Transformation Thinkers

Development and transformation processes are enormous political, economic and social tasks. The involved actors are taking considerable risks when they strive for change. Usually, they are lacking international comparison and the exchange with others. In many cases, there is no opportunity to systematically deal with strategic questions. The six-day Transformation Thinkers program provides young leaders from developing and transition countries a forum for strategic reflection and international exchange of experience... »


The project supports the exchange of experience in an international network of political actors, scholars, experts on external support and actors within civil society. For example, the BTI facilitates the work of the "International Advisory Committee" (IAC), an independent high-level body of government representatives, experts and former heads of state established for the purpose of assessing the quality of democracy in countries belonging or aspiring to belong to the Community of Democracies. The Community of Democracies, a global grouping of democratic and democratizing states, was launched in Warsaw in 2000 as a forum for strengthening international cooperation on democracy and human rights promotion... »

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